Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Designing your space

Interior designing has become an integral part in our lifestyle today. It involves designing in office space, educational institutions, bedrooms, modular kitchens, tiled bathrooms and so on. It is based on working conditions and usage of space.  Designing of floor and walls plays a vital role and it could be done either with wooden plywood or tiles. While considering wooden articles it might be costlier and little decorative. People are reluctant towards wooden articles for flooring purposes because of very less color choice and usage.
Tiles of varieties like ceramic and porcelain tiles can be utilized. These varieties can be used as floor tiles or wall tiles. The main advantage in using tiles is its cleaning, reusability, gaudy look, majestic prints and availability in colors and designs. The porcelain tiles can be chosen according to our taste and color preferences. The wall tiles can be designed with floral, tribal decoration or with ancient desi prints. They can be used in kid’s room decorations, teen decorations, and kitchen and bathroom decoration. Floor tiles are the most preferred way in decorating the space interiorly. Exterior designs also include wall and floor tiling with ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles.
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